This is one of the many amazing funny bedtime stories that of a crazy mother. Once upon a time, there lived a very naughty girl named Maaya. She was a very pampered child. Her mother used to fulfill each and every wish of Maaya. She was a stubborn girl.

One day, in her high school, she was punished for the whole day for not doing her homework. After coming from school, she directly went to her mother and told her that she was punished for the whole day for something she didn’t do. Maaya’s mother got very angry after knowing this. Thoughtlessly, she went to her teacher and had a big argument with her teacher.

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A while later, when she came back home, she told her daughter that she had scolded her teacher just because she scolded Maaya. Later, she asked her daughter, “By the way Maaya what is that you didn’t do?” Maaya replied, “My homework!” 😀

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