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baby bedtime songs

Sleep My Baby

This is one of the baby bedtime songs which is also known as “Suo Gan“. It is a traditional welsh lullaby by an unknown composer. This lullaby was first found in print around the 1800s. Which was then collected by the Welsh folklorist Robert Bryan. This

Sleep Baby Sleep Song

Sleep Baby Sleep Song is one of the best-known lullabies. The original version of this lullaby had been written in the German language. Over the years the melody for this song has been used in many different arrangements, for folk songs for children. The original version’s

somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Song

This is Somewhere Over The Rainbow song for kids. This lullaby is also known as “Over the Rainbow”. It is a ballad written by Yip Harburg. And the music was provided by Harold Arlen. This was written for the movie Wizard of Oz. Judy Garland sang this song in her

when you wish upon a star

When You Wish Upon a Star

When You Wish Upon a Star is a song written by Ned Washington and Leigh Harline for Pinocchio by Walt Disney in the year 1940. This song was originally sung by Cliff Edwards in his character as Jimmy the Cricket in the movie. Ever since then, this song has been associated with

brahms lullaby

Brahms Lullaby

Brahms Lullaby is also known as the Cradle Song. This is one of the best-known lullabies in the world. It was written by the great German composer Johannes Brahms. The song was first published in the year 1868. The words of this lullaby have been taken from

cuppy cake song

The Cuppy Cake Song

The Cuppy Cake Song is one of the famous children’s lullabies which got viral on the internet in the year 1994. The song was sung by the little girl who immediately became the internet personality. Her name is Amy Jessica Castle. At the age of 3,

hush little baby song

Hush Little Baby Song

Hush Little Baby Song is a traditional lullaby. It is believed that this lullaby has its origins from the Southern United States. As folktales and folksongs go, the actual name of the author and the date of its creation are unknown. This lullaby has been edited

baby mine

Baby Mine

Baby Mine is one of the oldest lullabies and it was originated by Disney animated film which is named as Dumbo. This is one of the widely known lullabies in the American film. The song is composed by Frank Churchill and was listed American Film Institute’s

rock a bye baby lyrics

Rock A Bye Baby Lyrics

“Rock A Bye Baby” is one of the most popular lullabies for kids. This poem is known to be first written on American Soil. Though there is no fixed date of its publication, some sources claim that it was written in the early 1500s. Later,

all the pretty little horses

All the Pretty Little Horses

All The Pretty Little Horses is a traditional lullaby from the United states. This poem is also alternatively known as “Hush-a-Bye”. The origins of this poem are not fully known. Over the years many have said that this lullaby is of African-American origin, but nothing