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The Dog And The Wolf

This is one of the best moral values stories for kids. Once upon a time, there was a wolf and a house dog. The wolf was lean and his ribs were almost sticking through his skins and he was half starved as he could not

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The Moon And Her Mother

This is one of the amazing fable stories for kids. High up in the sky, the moon always shone with brightly in the night sky. Of all the things in the sky, the moon always had been the prettiest of all. Night after night, the moon

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The Swallow and the Crow

This is one of the best short fables with morals for kids. Once upon a time, in a huge tree in a forest lived a beautiful swallow. Though the swallow was beautiful, it was extremely proud of its beauty. “Look at my beautiful feathers,” the

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The Young Crab And His Mother

This is one of the great fable stories for kids. On a white sand beach near the blue ocean, there lived a mother crab and a baby crab.The small baby crab was walking sideways. The mother crab was watching from a distance and said to

short story for kids with moral lesson

The Cat-Maiden

This is a great short story for kids with moral lesson. Once upon a time, the gods Venus and Jupiter had an argument. The subject matter of such an argument was, whether a living being can change its nature. Jupiter, the God of light told

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The Dancing Monkeys

This is the dancing monkeys story for kids to read. Once upon a time, there lived a prince. The prince was fond of various things and liked to do things differently. One day, he decided to train a troop of wild monkeys. So, the monkeys

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Hawk and the Nightingale

This is a great aesop fables story, “Hawk And The Nightingale”. One sunny afternoon a hawk set out to search for food. He flew through the sky, looking for a suitable prey. All day he flew from one place to another, but he found nothing.  “I should

aesop fables for kids

The Miller, His Son And The Donkey

This is one of the best Aesop fables for kids. One day, a miller and his son headed out. They were going to the fair to sell their donkey. As they walked down the road, their donkey walked beside them. For the first few minutes,

The Tortoise And The Eagle

This is one of the most famous Aesop Fable for kids. A young tortoise was lazing around the river bank looking at the birds flying in the sky. He stared at them and started thinking out loud! “I wish I could fly like those birds

The Fox And The Sick Lion

This is one of the many famous Aesop Fables for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a lion in the forest. As the lion was growing old, he was unable to hunt for his food. He thought that without food, he will die of