The Dog And The Wolf

This is one of the best moral values stories for kids. Once upon a time, there was a wolf and a house dog. The wolf was lean and his ribs were almost sticking through his skins and he was half starved as he could not find enough food for himself. On the other hand, the house dog happens to be plump and well fed.

One night, when the moon was shining very brightly, the wolf by chance met the house dog. On seeing the plump dog, the lean wolf enquired, “Dear Cousin Dog, how come you look so shiny and happy from me ?” “Oh, you lead such an irregular life, dear wolf,” said the house dog. “Why don’t you work as steadily as I do?” Also, read The Greedy Dog Story.

moral values stories

moral values stories

Image Source@ “I would love to do so only if I could get a place,” replied the wolf. “I can help you then,” said the dog. “Gladly, there is nothing like having a roof over one’s head and a bellyful of victuals always at hand,” cried the wolf! “Follow me, dear Wolf and we shall had a good time,” said the dog.

As they were on their way to the master’s house, the wolf noticed a mark on the dog’s neck. Out of curiosity, it asked the dog about the mark. “Oh that, nothing!” replied the dog. “Perhaps my collar was a little tight,” the dog told the wolf. To this, the wolf again asked, “What kind of collar, dear cousin?”

“The collar to which my chain is fastened!” replied the dog. “Chain!” cried the wolf in surprise. “You don’t mean to tell me that you are not free to move where you please?” The dog, somewhat ashamed replied, “Why? Not exactly! My master thinks that I am a bit fierce, so he ties me up in the day time. But he lets me free at night so that it is convenient for everybody. I get plenty of sleep during the day and guard the house at night.” You may also like to read, The Boy Who Cried Wolf Summary.

The dog continued, “Everyone is the house likes me a lot! My master feeds me off from his own plate and the servants are continually offering me handouts from the kitchen.” As he completed his words, he realized that the wolf was going away. The dog called out, “Wait, where are you going?” “Good night to you, my poor friend, ” said the wolf. “You are welcome to your dainties and your chains. As for me, I prefer my freedom to your fat!” and the wolf started back towards the forest.


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