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thumbelina story

Thumbelina Story

This is the Thumbelina Story for kids. Once upon a time, a woman lived by herself in a faraway village. She was very lonely after her husband had died. She always wanted to have a child but alas, she didn’t have any. One day, she

the little match girl

The Little Match Girl Story

This is The Little Match Girl Story. That night was New Year’s Eve and it was terribly cold and snowy. There was a little girl who was bareheaded and with nothing on her feet, walking alone along the dark street. As she left home, she

The Young Girl And The Hen

This is a short story with moral for kids. Once upon a time, in a farmland lived a happy family. A couple and their daughter ran the farm and took care of the animals. You may also like to read, The Ice Cream Cart And The Poor

bedtime stories for girls

Luna The Moon

This is one of the great bedtime stories for girls. Long, long ago, there was a little girl named Luna. Luna lived in an attic far from the village. She liked sitting on the rooftop and watching the beautiful night sky. One day, Luna wanted

classic bedtime stories online

The Ice Cream Cart And The Poor Girl

This is one of the classic bedtime stories online for kids. Once upon a time, in a small house lived a little girl. She loved ice creams. Every day in her neighborhood, an ice cream cart came in the evenings. It was full of many

tooth fairy story

The Little Girl And The Tooth Fairy Story

This is the most amazing tooth fairy story for kids to read. One day, not too long ago, a little girl experienced the pain of milk teeth falling out for the very first time. As it was her first time, the little girl became scared at

the wise little girl story

The Wise Little Girl Story

This is the wise little girl story for kids. Once upon a time, two brothers are riding their horses and are off to the market. The rich brother has a big, strong stallion. The poor brother has a young mare. The poor brother also brings

Emily- A Girl Who Couldn’t Fit In

This is one of the most amazing inspirational short stories for children. Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Emily. She was born from a family of musicians. Her father was an exemplary pianist during his youth and then became a music professor

The Goose Girl

This is the goose girl story for kids. Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom, the Queen told her beautiful daughter, “Your hand has been promised to the Prince of Shazaam. You must leave for your betrothed’s home at once. Take your maid and

sleeping beauty short story

The Sleeping Beauty Short Story

This is the Sleeping Beauty Short Story. Once upon a time in a faraway land, a beautiful girl was born to the king and queen. Fairies from all over were invited to the celebrations. They brought with them special gifts and blessed the little princess so

little red riding hood story

Little Red Riding Hood Story

This is the little red riding hood story for kids. Long ago, there lived a pretty girl who always wore a red cape with a hood. She was known as a little red riding hood. One day, she was going to visit her grandmother who