The Wise Little Girl Story

This is the wise little girl story for kids. Once upon a time, two brothers are riding their horses and are off to the market. The rich brother has a big, strong stallion. The poor brother has a young mare. The poor brother also brings her seven years old daughters along with him because she wanted to be part of their journey. You may also like to read, The Little Match Girl Story.

They decide to take a rest at night in the empty hut. The next day, to their surprise, they saw three horses instead of two. There is a new baby horse. The rich brother says, “It is the color of my horse, it is mine!” The poor brother says, “It has long legs like my horse, it is mine!” The little girl loves the little horse and cuddles her day and night.

the wise little girl story

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Soon, the King hears of the two brothers. He decides to ask them a question. “The man who answers the question will get the horse,” he says. The King asks, “What are the fastest, fattest, softest, and most valuable things in the world?”

The two brothers think very hard. The rich brother thinks and says, “The fastest is the King’s horse. The fattest is the King’s cow.” The King smiles. Then, the rich man continues, “The softest is the King’s bed. The most valuable thing in the world is the King’s child.” “I like your answers,” says the King. “What do you say?” he asks the poor man. The poor man has no ideas. But, his daughter knows the answer.

She takes permission from the King to answer this question. The wise little girl says, “The fastest is the cold, north wind. The fattest are the fields that give us our food.” The King is stunned by the little girl’s answers. The wise little girl further adds, “The softest is a child’s kiss and the most valuable thing in the world is honesty!” The King is very happy with the wise little girl. Now he knows who is the rightful owner of the little horse. Also, read Emily – A Girl Who Couldn’t Fit In.

The King gives the baby horse to the wise little girl. The little horse and the wise little girl love each other’s company. They are happy and love each other very much.