The Ice Cream Cart And The Poor Girl

This is one of the classic bedtime stories online for kids. Once upon a time, in a small house lived a little girl. She loved ice creams. Every day in her neighborhood, an ice cream cart came in the evenings. It was full of many kinds of ice creams. The moment the ice cream cart entered the neighborhood, the ice cream man would honk the little horn. The moment the man honked the horn, all the children went rushing to get their ice creams. Also, read The Wise Little Girl Story.

“Ice-cream, ice-cream!” they screamed. The little girl watched from her window as the children flocked the ice cream cart and yelled their desired ice cream flavors. “I want vanilla” she heard a boy scream. “Strawberry for us,” a pair of twins told the ice cream man. “I would like many scoops of all flavors”, said another boy.

classic bedtime stories online

classic bedtime stories online

Image Source@ Pinterest. Although the poor girl wanted to eat ice creams too, she couldn’t afford ice creams. You see, she was too poor. Day after day, the girl saw the other children enjoy their ice creams, while she had none. All this time, the ice cream man had been observing the girl. All the while, he wondered what could he possibly do to help her. He knew by the look on the girl’s face that she wanted to eat ice cream just like the other children.

Then, one day, the ice cream man came across a magical object. It was a magical ice cream cart. The ice cream man was not aware of the origins of the cart, but he knew how to operate it. “I know exactly who to give this to!” he thought happily. That day, when the girl returned from school, she found the ice cream man waiting for her by the door. Also, read The Little Girl And The Tooth Fairy.

“This cart is for you”, the man told the girl. “This cart will give you whichever flavor you want. And the best part is that this cart will never run out of ice cream! You can eat as much as you want!” Upon hearing that, the girl became too excited and happily accepted the cart. “When you want the cart to stop giving you ice cream say ‘Stop’, and it will stop. And when you need ice cream, just call out the flavor, and you will have it”, the ice cream man instructed.

The girl was happy. Finally, she could eat all kinds of ice cream. One day, when the girl was away at school her mother too wanted to eat ice cream. She had seen the little girl operate the cart many times, so she did as she had seen. But the mother did not know how to make it stop.

So, by the time the girl returned home from school, her entire house was full of ice cream. To get inside she had to finish up all the ice cream covering the house first. “This is too much”, she breathed out. And then added, “not that I am complaining! I am happy that I can eat ice cream now!” Also, read The Little Match Girl Story.