The Tale Of The Grasshopper And The Owl

This is one of the famous aesops fables for kids. Mrs. Owl was an old owl. It was also a well known fact that Mrs. Owl was a mean owl. Every afternoon, Mrs. Owl napped in the old oak tree. The other animals knew not to disturb Mrs. Owl while she was sleeping. If they had to pass the old oak tree, they tiptoes and whispered. None of them dared wake up Mrs. Owl. Also read, Classic Aesop Fables.

Mr. Grasshopper, however, was new to the forest and he did not know about about Mrs. Owl. So one day, he sat down near the old oak tree and started playing a song. When Mrs. Owl heard the song, she popped her head out of her hole in the tree.

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“What’s all that racket?” she yelled. “I’m just playing a song,” said Mr. Grasshopper. “Well, stop! It’s my nap time and no one makes noise during my nap time,” she shouted. “I can play wherever and whenever I want,” said Me. Grasshopper. He played his song even louder, making Mrs. Owl very mad.

Mrs. Owl realized that telling Mr. Grasshopper to stop playing only made it worse. She was too tired to argue anyway,  so she came up with another plan. “I suppose your song isn’t so bad!” said Mrs. Owl. “Since you have woken me, I’m going to enjoy listening to it.” Also read, The Thief And His Mother.

Mrs. Owl invited Mr. Grasshopper up for tea. “Maybe after having a drink of tea, you will be able to play even more beautifully,” said Mrs. Owl. Mr. Owl accepted Mrs. Owl’s invitation. He jumped into her den, ready for a cup of tea. What Mr. Grasshopper didn’t know was that owl loves to eat grasshoppers. Mrs. Owl intended to have him for lunch.

“Come closer Mr. Grasshopper!” said Mrs. Owl. “My eyesight is getting worse in my old age and I’d like to see you as you play.” Mr. Grasshopper moved closer to Mrs. Owl and started to play. “Wow, your music is so beautiful,” said Mrs. Owl. Mrs. Owl invited Mr. Grasshopper to come even closer.

Flattered by Mrs. Owl’s praise, Mr. Grasshopper kept moving closer. After he finished his song, Mrs. Owl handed Mr. Grasshopper a cup of tea. “Drink up! It will make you play even more beautifully,” she said. As Mr. Grasshopper reached for the cup of tea, Mrs. Owl jumped on Mr. Grasshopper. Then she ate him up in one giant bite. You may also like to read, Paying Back In The Same Coin.

“That will teach him a lesson. Never disturb an old owl when she sleeps!” said Mrs. Owl. Indeed that day, Mrs. Owl did teach Mr. Grasshopper a lesson- Always be cautious of praise that comes from an enemy.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the famous aesops fables for kids, “The Tale Of The Grasshopper And The Owl Story”. See the video story below,

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