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Flame, Rain, And The Arrogant Tiger

This is a great fable online for kids. There was a ferocious tiger living in a forest. Everyone in the region was afraid of him. So, the tiger became even more arrogant and reckless. One day, when the tiger was hunting, suddendly, he saw an

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The Bear And The Bees

This is one of the awesome aesop fables short stories. One morning, a crane was having breakfast at the stream. He dipped his long beak in the water and caught tasty fish. A few steps away, a rabbit was munching on a carrot. “Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!”

aesop stories for kids

The Thief and his Mother

This is one of the amazing Aesop stories for kids. Once upon a time, a boy lived with his mother. The little boy was extremely naughty. One day, the little naughty boy stole a book from one of his schoolmates. He ran home to his