Santa’s Christmas

This is the best Christmas story for kids. It was a beautiful December day, with clear blue sky and snow-covered treetops. Christmas was in the air but up in Santa’s lodge, all was quiet. The usual hustle and bustle of preparing Christmas presents had gone for Santa had fallen ill. “Oh dear, what will the children say when they don’t receive presents this year,” Santa wondered sadly as he lay on his bed. Also read, The Little Christmas Tree.  

Suddenly, he heard a noise from outside. He looked out of his window and saw his four reindeer standing patiently as usual. But they seemed quite out of breath as if they had just finished a long trip. And as Santa took a closer look, he could not believe what he saw. For behind the reindeer was a long train of sleds carrying little children dressed in all sorts of colors.

christmas story for kids

christmas story for kids

One by one, they hopped out onto the snow and headed towards Santa’s lodge. Soon came a knock on the door. “Come in,” Santa called out as he was extremely curious. In came a little girl, hugging something soft in her arms. “I heard that you were sick Mr. Santa,” she began. “So, I’m giving you my teddy bear to keep you company.” “Thank you little Emma,” said Santa as he knew every child by name.

Then entered a young boy with a red package in his arms. “We knew that you were ill, Papa Santa,” he said. “So my family knitted this quilt for you to keep you warm in the winter days.” “What a wonderful thought Paul,” beamed Santa patting him on the head.  

And one by one, the children came in through Santa’s door, each with a special gift to wish Santa a speedy recovery. There were cookies, pies, socks, mittens, books, jigsaw puzzles, and even a small Christmas tree! “Christmas delivered to my doorstep!” exclaimed Santa. “Come, let us all share these wonderful gifts.” And he gathered the children around him in a big circle. Also, read Story Of Santa Claus.

“Santa, which present did you like the most?” Emma soon piped up. “My dear little ones, it is the love and kindness that each one of you has shown me today. That is the best present of all!” Santa said smiling. He looked fondly at all the eager faces around him. “This, my little ones is the true meaning of Christmas,” Santa said.

And with that, Santa gave each of the children a big, warm holiday hug. You may also like to read, Snowman Short Story.

Here is a visual depiction of this Christmas story for kids“Santa’s Christmas”. See the video story below,

     Christmas Story For Kids Video