The Moon And Her Mother

This is one of the amazingfable stories for kids. High up in the sky, the moon always shone with brightly in the night sky. Of all the things in the sky, the moon always had been the prettiest of all. Night after night, the moon shone with all its beauty without fail.

Then one night, as the moon shone she noticed something. The moon saw the tiny little humans. Her eyes followed them and she thought, “How beautiful they look in those pretty clothes!” Awestruck, she observed the little humans moving about in pretty and colorful clothes with wide eyes. Also, readPapa Please Get The Moon For Me.

fable stories for kids

fable stories for kids

Now, when she shone night after night, she looked forward to seeing humans and their clothes. It did not take long before the moon wished to have such clothes as well. “It would be nice, if I too could have some beautiful clothes,” she would wish. Every night, she observed the humans, seeing how they were all different from each other and how great and colorful the earth looked because of them.

Finally, one day the moon decides to have a talk with her mother about getting her clothes. As the night started fading out and the sun came out towards the morning, the moon tells her mother, “I too want clothes similar to the humans bright and colorful! A cloak with beautiful rainbow colors of the rainbow!” You may also like to read,Tale Of The Sun And The Moon.

The mother listened to her daughter’s wishes patiently. “Mother, oh my dear mother, will you please get me a rainbow-colored cloak? Please, mother. I really want one. I do!” the moon begged.

Then, the mother finally tells her daughter, “My sweet child, I wish I could make one for you. But it is not possible.” The moon becomes extremely sad and repeats, “But I want one!” The mother then explains, “You see, your shape is not constant. It changes incessantly, every day. Even if I do make one for you, it won’t fit you the next day.” Also, read The Rabbit In The Moon.

The moon had no choice but to accept the truth and say, “I… I understand that you’re the right mother.” That day, a sad moon went back to her bed, awaiting the night to come. But eventually, she came to realize her own beauty and was happy with herself. After that day, the moon never asked for a rainbow-colored cloak, for she knew her own light was prettier than any other rainbow.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the amazing fable stories for kids,“The Moon And Her Mother”. See the video story below,

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