The Young Crab And His Mother

This is one of the great fable stories for kids. On a white sand beach near the blue ocean, there lived a mother crab and a baby crab.The small baby crab was walking sideways. The mother crab was watching from a distance and said to the baby crab, “You shouldn’t walk sideways like that. You should look ahead and walk straight!” “Yes, mommy!” the young crab agreed.

The baby crab made up his mind to walk straight. The baby crab began to walk sideways again. “I told you to walk straight. Why don’t you listen to me?” shouted mommy crab. “Mommy, it’s not that easy. I’m trying to walk straight, but my body keeps going sideways,” cried baby crab. “That is not right. You should walk straight. Now try again.” said mommy crab. Also read,The Crab And The Monkey.

fable stories

fable stories

Image Source–> The baby crab set his mind again to walk straight. However, the baby crab was walking sideways again. The baby crab tried, tried and tried, but no matter how much he tried, he failed all the time. “How frustrating. I’ll show you. Watch and follow me.” commanded mommy crab.

The baby crab watched his mother walk. The mother crab was also walking sideways. “Oh, what’s wrong with me?” thought mommy crab. The mother crab tried to walk again, but she was walking sideways again. The mommy crab thought to herself, “Why do you keep walking sideways? “I’m not sure. I didn’t walk like this before.”

However, no matter how much the mother crab wanted to walk straight, she kept walking sideways. “Mommy, maybe crabs can only walk sideways.” said the baby crab. The reality is crabs can only walk sideways. That’s just the way it is. After the mother crab heard the baby crab, she was so embarrassed that she quickly went home and hid. You may also like to read,Crane And Crab.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the amazing fable stories,“The Young Crab And His Mother”. See the video story below,

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