The Language Of The Birds

This is The Language Of The Birds Story. One day, a young boy, Ivan saves some birds from a fox. The birds are happy with Ivan. “You are good to us! How can we help you?” ask the birds. “Teach me the language of birds, please,” asks Ivan. The birds teach him their language.

Furthermore, the birds say, “You will be a Prince one day. Your father will ask you to be your servant.” Ivan tells his rich father about this. “No one can understand birds. And I will never be your servant,” his father says. He says to Ivan, “You are a bad son. Get out of this house and never come back home.” Also read, The Ugly Duckling Story.

the language of the birds

the language of the birds

Image Source–> Ivan leaves the house and goes by boat to the town. He tells the sailor, “The bird tells me a storm is coming.” The sailor says, “No one can understand birds. You are a fool!” But the storm comes and the boat is lost. Ivan and the sailor swim away.

The next day, Ivan reaches the castle which is near the sea shore. Ivan sees the King in the castle. The King does not like the birds always sitting on his window. On this, Ivan says, “I can talk to them as I can speak their language.” Everybody laughs at Ivan.

Not before long, Ivan talks to the birds and they fly away. The King is very happy from Ivan. “You can be my son!” he says. Ivan is now a Prince and he stays in the castle. You may also like to read, Chicken Little Story.

Two years later, Ivan’s father becomes poor. He comes to the town to find his son. “Ivan, I am poor! Please make me your servant,” his father asks. “No, you are my father! You will live with me here in the castle,” Ivan says. Ivan’s father is very happy with his child’s behavior. They both lives happily in the castle. The birds know many things!

Here is a visual depiction of, “The Language Of The Birds Story”. See the video story below,

The Language Of The Birds Story Video