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fables with morals and animals

The Rabbit And His Ears

This is one of the best fables with morals and animals. Once upon a time in a jungle, there lived a big and strong lion. He used to scare little animals and hunt them for his lunch and dinner. All the tiny, little animals were

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The Young Crab And His Mother

This is one of the great fable stories for kids. On a white sand beach near the blue ocean, there lived a mother crab and a baby crab.The small baby crab was walking sideways. The mother crab was watching from a distance and said to

short story for kids with moral lesson

The Cat-Maiden

This is a great short story for kids with moral lesson. Once upon a time, the gods Venus and Jupiter had an argument. The subject matter of such an argument was, whether a living being can change its nature. Jupiter, the God of light told

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The Dancing Monkeys

This is the dancing monkeys story for kids to read. Once upon a time, there lived a prince. The prince was fond of various things and liked to do things differently. One day, he decided to train a troop of wild monkeys. So, the monkeys

aesop fables story

Hawk and the Nightingale

This is a great aesop fables story, “Hawk And The Nightingale”. One sunny afternoon a hawk set out to search for food. He flew through the sky, looking for a suitable prey. All day he flew from one place to another, but he found nothing.  “I should