Treasure In The Vineyard – Aesop Fables

This is one of the many famous Aesop Fables for kids. There once lived a grape grower with a vast vineyard. This grape grower had two lazy sons. “Boys, come and help! Then, you can learn how to care for the grapes!” “Awe dad, you are better at it, so you do it. We are going out to hang out with our friends.” Although the father was eager to teach the boys, they were never interested in learning.

One day, the farmer came down with a serious illness. So he called for his sons to leave his last words. “I hid a treasure in our vineyard for the two of you. When I am gone, make sure you search for it together!” After he passed away, the two sons went out to search for the treasure but it was not easy finding the treasure that was buried in the vineyard. “How in the world are we going to find the treasure here?” they thought. They continued to dig day and night. However, there was still no treasure.

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Time passed and autumn arrived. “Wow! Come here and look at these plump grapes. Have you ever seen such big and juicy-looking grapes before?” one of them asked. “No, never! They are as sweet as honey too,” other replied. The two sons jumped with excitement and exclaimed, “This is the treasure father was talking about!” “You are right! He was trying to show us how to enjoy the fruits of our hard labour,” the elder brother said.

From that day on, the brothers understood the rewards of hard work and they continued to work hard every day. Their father was watching them from the heaven and he was happy to see his sons finally working together with great enthusiasm.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the many famous Aesop Fables for kids, “Treasure In The Vineyard“. See the video story below,

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