Sleep My Baby

This is one of the baby bedtime songs which is also known as “Suo Gan“. It is a traditional welsh lullaby by an unknown composer. This lullaby was first found in print around the 1800s. Which was then collected by the Welsh folklorist Robert Bryan. This song simply means a lullaby, Suo meaning lull, and Gan meaning song.

This lullaby was originally written in Welsh. But later on were translated into many other languages. This lullaby is mostly sung by the mother to her child. Here you go!

Baby Bedtime Songs

baby bedtime songs

baby bedtime songs

Sleep my baby on my bosom

Warm and cozy will it prove

Round thee mother’s arms are folding

In her heart a mother’s love

There shall no one come to harm thee

Naught shall ever break thy rest

Sleep my darling babe in quiet

Sleep on mother’s gentle breast.

Sleep serenely, baby, slumber

Lovely baby, gently sleep;

Tell me wherefore art thou smiling

Smiling sweetly in thy sleep?

Do the angels smile in heaven

When thy happy smile they see?

Dost thou on them smile while slumbring

On my bosom peacefully.

Do not fear the sound of a breeze

Brushing leaves against the door.

Do not dread the murmuring seas,

Lonely waves washing the shore.

Sleep child mine, there’s nothing here,

While in slumber at my breast,

Angels smiling, have no fear,

Holy angels guard your rest.


The mother sings to her child, and asks the child to sleep on her chest. Warm and comfortable it will be for the child. Then she tells the child the mother’s arms will wrap around the child with all the love in her heart for the child.

Then the mother sings that no harm shall come to her child. She says that nothing will disturb the little child’s sleep. She asks the child to sleep quietly on its mother’s chest. Then, the mother asks the child to sleep peacefully. Then upon seeing her baby smile in its sleep, she asks the child about the smile. Asks why the child is smiling.

Then the mother asks if the angels in the heaven smile upon the child’s sweet smile. And then, she asks her baby if the baby is smiling after seeing the angels. Then the mother reassures the child that nothing shall hurt the baby as long as the baby is in her arms. She asks the baby not be afraid of the leaves brushing against the door, or of the lonely waves of the seas. Also, read Sleep Baby Sleep Song.

In the last stanza, the mother tells the child to sleep in her arms as nothing will help hurt the child. And the child should not fear anything as the angels up in the heaven are smiling at the child. These angels are protecting the child.