The Adventures Of Brave Eagle

This is one of the amazing short adventure stories for kids. Born many moons ago was a very pretty and brave Princess. She was named Brave Eagle. Her parents were very proud of her. She was a very special girl. She was kind to everyone and to all the birds and animals.

One day, when Brave Eagle was very young, a pack of wolves came into the Indian camp. The Princess was very brave and faced the wolves. She told her dog, Little Happy Dog, to save himself and run to tell the chief about the trouble. The wolves captured Brave Eagle and took her to their cave. The Princess was not afraid. She was kind to the wolves and the wolves liked her. The wolves decided to raise her as their own. You may also like to read, The Grateful Eagle.

short adventure stories

short adventure stories

Image Source@ The wolves taught Brave Eagle everything they knew. They showed her how to track animals and how to hunt. They taught her about family life and how important it is to help each other. She taught the wolves how wonderful the humans can be.

One day, when Brave Eagle and the Wolves were playing in the flower field, Little Happy Dog showed up. He had been searching for Brave Eagle for many months. Brave Eagle was very happy to see him. She missed him very much. She remembered that how much she missed her people and so she wanted to return to the Indian camp.

Brave Eagle and the Wolves did not have to speak to one another to know what each was thinking. Brave Eagle was taught well by the wolves to lead her people to fertile hunting grounds. It was time for her to go back to her people and lead them to prosperity. The Wolves were sad and so was Brave Eagle. The wolves had learned the ways of humans and Brave Eagle learned the ways of the wolves. They had great respect for one another. Also, read The Eagle And The Arrow.

For many years after Brave Eagle returned to her people, the wolves were heard late at night howling in the distance. The only one who knew what the wolves were saying was Brave Eagle. She learned the wolf language well. They were saying, “We miss you! We love you, Brave Eagle!”