Bernie The Reindeer

This is one of the amazing short Christmas stories with morals. Bernie is a reindeer. He’s not the popular, that’s probably because he was not very special. He couldn’t do really at all and Santa had a hard time finding a job for him to do. Bernie did not like to be on sight so Santa thought, “Hey, let’s put him in the workshop in making toys with the elves.” But Bernie’s antlers were so big that he kept knocking everything over and the elves were getting very, very angry. Read more Christmas Stories.

So Santa thought, “Hey, let’s put him in the kitchen! He can help in making Christmas dinner.” But Bernie like to eat. He ate everything he saw. He ate the turkey, he ate the vegetables, and he even ate the table. Also read, The Little Christmas Tree.

short christmas stories with morals

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But Bernie liked to talk. In fact, he talked all the time. And Santa Claus thought, “Hey wait, we need someone to answer the phones at the North Pole. People are always calling. I think Bernie would be perfect!” And now, Bernie is the new telephone guy.

So, not everyone in life has something special they can do or maybe they just don’t see it. If you work really very hard, you will definitely find your special thing. And if you like doing it, you will be very good at it. You may also like to read, The Three Wise Men.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the short christmas stories with morals, “Bernie- The Other Reindeer Story”. See the video story below,

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