The Deer Who Played Truant

This is one 0f the best short stories for kids with morals. One day, a Doe brought her son to wise old deer who used to teach all the deer. She wanted her son to be saved. So, she wanted him to attend the school. She told the wise old teacher, “Oh dear sir! Please teach my little son the tricks to save himself from danger.” The teacher agreed at once.

This little deer was very naughty and was interested in playing only with the other deer all day long. Within a few days, he made so many friends. He always used to hang around with his friends. Soon, he began missing classes and learned nothing about saving himself in times of trouble. You may also like to read,Self Help Is The Best Help.

short stories for kids with morals

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One day, while playing with the other deer, he stepped on the net and got trapped. But he had not learned how to save himself from such a situation. So, he struggled and he struggled in vain. When this horrible news reached his mother, she started crying.

The wise teacher went up to her and said softly, “I feel sorry for what has happened to him. I tried my level best to teach him self-defense, but he was not willing to learn. A teacher cannot do anything if the student is not willing to learn!”


Here is a visual depiction of one of the great short stories for kids with morals,“The Deer Who Played Truant Story”. See the video story below,

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