Fox And Grapes

This is one of the best short moral stories for kids that of, “Fox And Grapes“. Once in a forest, there lived a furry fox. He was wandering around the forest in search of food. “I am so hungry. I need to eat something,” the fox thought to himself. The fox was passing by a vineyard but he was not aware that it was the one. “I am so hungry that I can’t even see what that round thing is,” cried the fox.

He went a little ahead but stopped as he noticed the smell of the delicious grapes. “Wow! There are so many grapes in this vineyard. My mouth is watering!” wondered the fox. The fox looked at the grapevine and drooled. The fox jumped up towards the grapes, but the grapes were too high for him. He tried and tried but the effort was futile.

fox and grapes

fox and grapes Image Source

He tried again and this time he was about to touch the grapes but failed again. “Oh! I am so tired. These grapes are too high! I cannot reach them at any cost.” said the tired fox. He sat there and thought for a long time that how he can get those grapes.

He suddenly got up and said to himself, “Those grapes are probably sour. In fact, I don’t like grapes. Why should I try so hard for them?” The fox could not reach the grapes and hence escaped by making excuses. But his tummy kept growling of hunger and he had to go without anything.  So, the fox had to go empty handed because he just made an excuse.


Here is a short visual depiction of this short story, “Fox And Grapes“. See the video story below,

   Fox And Grapes Story Video