This is one of the great inspiring short stories with moral. Once upon a time, a group of fifty people went to attend a seminar. The seminar started at the designated time and went on for a while. When suddenly, the speaker had an idea, so he stopped the seminar and announced “Let’s have a group activity. I am sure all of us will have fun”.

“This activity is going to give you a lesson about the real purpose of our lives. So be careful and do your best!” Next, the speaker brought a few balloons and handed a balloon to each person in the conference room. Then he instructed them to write their names with a marker on the balloons they had. You may also like to read, Never Judge Others.

 inspiring short stories with moral

inspiring short stories with moral

“After all of you are done writing your names on the balloon, please drop the balloon in the basket being passed around,” the speaker informed them. So, when the group finished with writing their names and collecting the balloons, the speaker took the basket of balloons and went to another room. Also, read Two Boys And The Tree.

The speaker came back and gave further instructions to the group. “Now, all of you are required to go into the room and find the balloon with your name on it. And remember you have only five minutes to do so. All the best to all of you!”

And so, thinking they had only five minutes, the entire group rushed out. In a hurry to find the balloons with their names on it, they pushed and shoved each other. But in the end, they could not find the balloon with their names.

“Now,” the speaker announced after five minutes had elapsed. “I will give you another task,” he said, then asking them to randomly pick out any balloon. “Now, this is what you’re going to do. After randomly picking out a balloon, give it to the person whose name is written on the balloon”. You may also like to read, Story Of Two Seeds.

When the group did as they were asked to, they realized that they received the balloon with their names faster than before. It has become extremely easy to find the balloon with their names on it. Then finally the speaker divulged the lesson he was trying to teach the group.

“You see”, said the speaker, “we do the same with our lives. All of us are frantically searching for happiness in our lives. We search every nook and cranny and still find nothing. We push each other, we shove each other and often hurt others in the process of searching for our happiness. What we fail to realize is that our happiness, not only depends on us but also with the happiness we give others. So, if you want to be happy, give others their happiness, and you’ll find yours.”