The Hare, The Partridge And The Cat

This is one of the best Panchatantra Story in English for kids. Once upon a time, a partridge lived under a tree. One day, when the partridge became hungry, she decided to the field nearby to look for food. Also, read The Fox And The Goat Story.

When the Partridge reached the field, she found a huge store of food. So, she did not return to her house for many days. While the partridge was away, a hare occupied the partridge’s home. The hare found the house and thought it was empty so, he lived there happily.

panchatantra story in english

Panchatantra Story in English

But one day, the Partridge returned. She had grown fat and plump after spending her days in the fields. However, the idea of someone else residing in her house did not sit well with the partridge. “You,” the Partridge said pointing at the hare, “who are you? And why are you living in my house?” “But when I came it was empty, so this is my house,” the Hare argued.

Now, both the hare and partridge wanted to live in the same house. But none of them was willing to give up. “This house belongs to whoever occupies it. You go and look for your own house,” the hare told the partridge. Their argument was an endless one. After going about in circles for hours, they decided to consult a learned cat.

This cat was famous for effortlessly solving other’s problems. What they did not know, was that the cat was a pretentious priest. And the cat deceived others for its own gains. Soon, the two reached the cat and narrated their issues. Now, the greedy cat had other plans rather than helping them. “You see, I am an old cat. I can’t hear you two well,” the cat spoke softly. “Come closer, I will help you once I hear your troubles.” But the moment the hare and the Partridge stepped closer, the cat pounced on them and killed the instantly. Also, read The Jackal And The Drum.

“Now, you two shall serve as my meals for a week!” the cat said while happily licking its fingers.