How The Leopard Got His Spots Summary

This is the story about  How The Leopard Got His Spots Summary. Long ago, there was the most unlikely of friendships. Leopard and Fire were the best of friends. They visited with each other nearly every single day. But it was Leopard who always made the trip to see his friend, Fire.

Leopard didn’t mind traveling through the jungle to see Fire. But his wife minded. “What kind of friends makes you always go to see him but never comes to see you,” she asked. “It’s not fair!” Day after day, Leopard tried to defend his friend, Fire, but his wife kept on complaining. Also, read The Tiger Who Lost His Roar.

how the leopard got his spots summary

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Finally, Leopard decided he would prove his wife was wrong. He would insist the Fire come to his house and meet his wife. Of course, Fire had all sorts of excuses. “I don’t like to go far away from my home and family,” he said. “But Fire,” Leopard said, “I’m not fond of leaving my home, either. But if I didn’t, I would never see you. And I enjoy your company.” “And I enjoy yours,” Fire agreed. “Fine, even though I don’t think it’s a good idea, I will travel across the jungle to your home. Just make sure you make a path of dry leaves that will lead me to your house.”

Overjoyed, Leopard did exactly as Fore asked, carefully placing one dry leaf after another all the way home. When he arrived, he announced his good news to his wife. Clapping her paws together, she squealed. “Wonderful! I’ll prepare a special meal for your friend. We’ll share a feast!” She busied herself cooking and cleaning until the house looked and smelled simply wonderful. Leopard saw how excited she was. “I never realized how lonely my wife must have been every day when I left her to go to my friend’s house,” he said to himself. “I had never thought about her feelings.”

The next day, Leopard and his wife heard a terrible crackling sound outside their door. It was getting closer and closer. Leopard opened the front door and gasped. There was smoke everywhere and his friend, Fire was in the midst of it. He was burning hotter and brighter than Leopard had ever seen. You may also like to read, The Lion’s Tale.

Within seconds, the house caught on fire. As the flames flicked on their backs, Leopard grabbed his frightened wife and they jumped through the window. Rolling on the ground, they put out the flames. “Oh, look!” Leopard’s wife said, “Our house is ruined.” “Yes,” Leopard said. “And look at our beautiful fur.” Black spots covered the Leopards where their friend, Fire had touched them. That’s how the Leopards got their spots.