How The Rabbit Lost Its Tail

This is one of the awesome Aboriginal Dreamtime stories for children. This is a story about a rabbit from long, long ago when all the rabbits used to long tails of their own. At that time, the cats do not have tails. The cat is jealous of the kind rabbit and so it makes an evil plan.

One day, as the cat sees rabbit’s tail enviously, it thinks, “I like that tail!” That day, when the rabbit goes to sleep, the clever cat comes with a sharp knife and with one blow, she cuts off rabbit’s tail. The cat quickly sews the rabbit’s tail on her own body before rabbit gets up. On getting up, the rabbit says, “Hey, that’s my tail!” Also, read The Foolish Rabbit.

aboriginal dreamtime stories

aboriginal dreamtime stories

Image Source–> The cat says, “I am sorry! Please take my sharp knife in exchange of your tail.” The cat offers the poor rabbit its knife and the rabbit takes it happily. The rabbit says, “I have no tail, but I have a sharp knife!” It walks away with the knife into the deep forest. The rabbit hops for a long time.

Then, he meets an old man who is very busy in making the beautiful baskets. He is making baskets with the rushes and he is biting them off with his teeth. On seeing the knife, he asks, “Can I please use your knife?” As you know, the rabbit is very kind, she says, “Yes, you can use my knife!” The man uses its knife but it breaks into two halves. The rabbit is upset. So, the old man offers him one of his beautiful baskets. “I am sorry, Rabbit. Please take any basket!” Now, the rabbit is happy with her new basket.

The rabbit starts to hop again into the deep forest. On its way, it sees a woman picking lettuce from the field. She is collecting the lettuce with great difficulty in her apron. When she sees the rabbit coming with the basket, she asks, “Rabbit, Can I please use your beautiful basket?” The rabbit let her take the basket as he was very kind. The woman uses the basket but the basket breaks from its bottom. She says, “I am so sorry, Rabbit. Please take this lettuce!” You may also like to read, Rabbit And Lion Story.

The rabbit says, “I don’t have a tail, but I have lettuce!” The rabbit is hungry by this time and the lettuce is smelling tasty. It eats all the lettuce. It thinks, “I don’t have a tail, but now I am not hungry anymore!”

Here is a visual depiction of one of the amazing Aboriginal Dreamtime stories“How The Rabbit Lost Its Tail”. See the video story below,

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