I’m A Bossy Girl- All I Need Is An iPhone!

This is an article about a 2 years old girl named Mila. She is super cute and adorable. This little girl’s thinks that the phone has Siri in it. Her conversation with Siri was honestly the most wonderful thing you have ever seen on internet. A big thanks to the Internet Gods. Haha!

The pretty little girl thinks that the landline phone is an iPhone. She tries to connect to Siri and asks, “Siri, are you there?” She tries to call Siri again and again but Siri is not there! It was a landline instead of iPhone. Now, our little chap is frustrated! “Ah! Why my phone is not working?” she cries.

funny videos for kids

funny videos for kids

Image Source@ www.youtube.com. Mila is so angry at the phone and shouts, “Ahh! Where is the App Store? Where is Instagram? How am I going to check Snapchat?” Mila is always socially active and wants to be connected with her school mates. She does not want to miss any updates about her friends.

She orders Siri to take her through the internet. But, again, there is no response. The phone is not working. She lose her control as she cannot handle this now. The wire of the phone is stuck to her arms and she is now tangled with the wire. Mila has really lost it. Haha! Such a tough task. Isn’t it?

She thought for a while and concluded that it is Charles who is punking her. Charles is her best friend who loves to pull Mila’s leg. But, he does not know the anger of Mila. She is our star girl and she threatens him, “I’m gonna get you boy. You are over! Nobody messes with Mila. I’m a BOSS GIRL!”

This is really amazing! Look at her facial expressions. I bet no mommy and daddy can train their 2 years old to do such genuine expressions.  Her acting skills is her pure talent. I hope she takes acting as career in future. Check out the video here.

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