Legend Of The Christmas Spider

This is the Legend Of The Christmas Spider for kids. It is a folktale from Germany and Ukraine. Once upon a time in a small cottage, lived an old widow and her children. The old widow was hard working, but they were very poor.

One summer day, a pine cone fell on the hut’s floor. The pine cone started growing on the earthen floor of their hut. The children became very happy and excited. “We’ll have a Christmas Tree this year,” they exclaimed. Soon, the children started taking care of the tree. The tree was watered and well-taken care off. You may also like, Story Of Santa Claus.

legend of the christmas spider

legend of the christmas spider

By the time winter came, the tree was big enough to be their Christmas Tree. But when Christmas Eve arrived, the family did not have money to decorate their Christmas Tree. So, on Christmas Eve the family quietly went to bed and fell asleep. The family woke up early the next morning. A beautiful surprise was waiting for them.

When they woke up, they saw that their Christmas tree was covered in cobwebs. The cobwebs were twisted in delicate designs all over the tree. These cobwebs made for the best decoration the family could have asked for. The old widow and her children were amazed at the sight of their Christmas tree.

One of the children ran to the window and opened it so that the light could come in. The sun was already up. As soon as the window was opened the sunlight streamed in. Bright light filled the entire room. Slowly, bit by bit, the light glided across the room and reached the fir tree.

No sooner did the light touch the tree and cobwebs, than the cobwebs turned into strings of gold and silver colored. These cobwebs shone brightly and made the tree look extremely beautiful. From that day onwards, the widow never felt poor. She enjoyed life with a smile and appreciated all that she already had. Also, read The Little Christmas Tree.