The Little Piggy That Didn’t Shower

This is one of the awesome moral stories for storytelling competition for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a little piggy with her parents. She was a beautiful and intelligent little piggy who loved to play and have fun. But, in little piggy’s house, no one ever took showers or baths. They didn’t even have a shower.

Father pig would usually say, “My parents and my parents’ parents didn’t shower, so we don’t have to shower either.” So, little piggy grew up never having a shower. “I hate to shower!” she would think, “what a horrible thing!” Also, read Three Little Pigs Short Story.

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When little piggy started to go to school, all the other animals from the village started to make fun of little piggy because of how bad she smelled. No one would play with little piggy. She was feeling very sad and alone.

Until, a little monkey who happened to have a cold and a runny nose. As he could not smell, he joined little piggy and said, “Hello!” Little piggy liked the little monkey very much and they started to play. They instantly became the best of friends. That day, little piggy arrived home very happy and told her parents everything about little monkey as they had roasted acorns, little piggy’s favorite food for dinner.

The next day when the little piggy arrived at school, she went to meet little monkey but he was already healed from the cold and was surprised at the smell of little piggy. “Little piggy, what is that smell? Don’t you take a shower?” the monkey asked. “No, I hate to shower!” little piggy replied. “Why do you hate it?” the monkey curiously asked. “I just do! I never showered, neither has anyone in my family!” little piggy reinforced. Also, read The Yucky Pig Funny Story.

Little monkey found it absurd, so he came up with a plan. “Let’s go for a walk!” he told little piggy and off they went. Suddenly, when they were passing close to a little stream, the monkey jumped into the water pulling little piggy along. They both splashed and played and splashed some more. Little piggy loved it so much! “How silly I have been,” she thought to herself, “I love to shower!”

From that day on, little piggy showered every single day! She even convinced her parents to do the same and they loved it too. As for the little monkey and little piggy, they remain the best friends ever! And little monkey, who only ate bananas even started acorns too which were yummy. You may also like to read, The Fox And The Pig.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the best moral stories for storytelling competition “The Little Piggy That Didn’t Shower”. See the video story below,

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