Minions story (Part 1): Finding The Master

This is a short Minions story. There are millions of Minions in the Minionland. They are always in the search of their masters. They love to work for their masters. Without the master, the minions have no purpose as they become aimless and depressed. One of the minions, Kevin steps forward and decides to go in search of their new master. Along  with Kevin, Stuart and Bob also decide to go with their dear friend. Three of them are leaving from minionland and are feeling proud.

Stuart, Ben and Kevin are minions on a mission. They are starting their journey by travelling through the surf boat. It is going to be a very long journey. After a day or so, Stuart is feeling hungry now. Stuart is licking Kevin and Bob as he is imagining them to be the banana.He is now imagining  They are looking for the world’s biggest, worst villain to serve. They manage to reach England after many days.  At long last, after many years of searching the minions find the perfect master, Scarlet Overkill, the most famous criminal mastermind of her generation!

minions story

minions story –

Scarlet brings the Minions to her castle in London. She shows them a picture of Queen Elizabeth and told them to steal the crown of her. She says, “Get me the crown and all your wishes will come true!” The minions are excited about their mission.

Scarlet sends them to Herb’s lab to pick some gadgets for robbery. Herb is Scarlet’s husband. He is also an evil inventor. “So you are here for gear!” he says as they enter his lab. Herb distributes the gadgets  to all the three minions. Bob gets far off stretch suit, Kevin gets Lava- lamp gun and Stuart gets the coolest invention, Hypno- Hat. The minions are all set for their first task. Scarlett says, “You can do this! Make me proud Minions!”