Miss Polly Had A Dolly

Miss Polly Had A Dolly is one of the old nursery rhymes about Miss Polly who had a sick doll. This song is being sung by the mothers when their children are ill. The origins and author of this rhyme are still unknown. This song is an action song and it helps the teachers to teach the rhythm, actions, and recitation among the children. Also, read Polly Put The Kettle On.

In the classrooms, teachers acts according to the rhyme the children follows it. When the line ‘Miss Polly had a Dolly who was sick, sick, sick’ comes, the children pretends to hold the Dolly in her arms and rock her. When they sing ‘So she phoned for the doctor to come quick, quick, quick,’ the children pretends to call the doctor holding their hand to their ear. In the rhyme, when doctor knocks the door, children enact that moving their hands in the motion. As the doctor shook his head and writes the prescription, the children also shake their hand and act as if they are writing a prescription. So children, act and sing along!

Miss Polly Had A Dolly

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Miss Polly had a dolly
who was sick, sick, sick.
So she phoned for the doctor
to come quick, quick, quick.

The doctor came
with his bag and his hat,
And knocked at the door
with a rat-a-tat-tat.

He looked at the dolly
and shook his head,
And said “Miss Polly,
put her straight to bed.”

He wrote a paper
for a pill, pill, pill.
I’ll be back in the morning
with the bill, bill, bill.


In this rhyme, there is a girl called Miss Polly. As every girl has her favorite Dolly, Polly also have one. But Dolly fell sick and Polly immediately picks up her phone and calls the doctor. She tells the doctor to come quick so that Dolly gets fine as soon as possible. The doctor comes with his doctor kit wearing a hat and knocks the door with a ‘rat-a-tat-tat’ sound.

As the doctor looks at Dolly, he starts to shake his head and said to her, “Put Dolly straight to bed!” The doctor checks up Dolly and writes on the paper for a pill. When the doctor is ready to leave Miss Polly’s house, he says, “I will be back in the morning with the bill.”

A little something for the parents:

Poems should be an integral part of your child’s growing process as they make their lives more colorful and vibrant by adding a variety of rich experience. So, every child should be encouraged to read more and more poems. Also, read Miss Mary Mack Song.

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