Never Trust A Stranger

This is one of the best moral stories of panchatantra for kids. Once upon a time, deep in the forest, there lived a partridge. This partridge had made her home in a hollow at the base of the tree. One day, the partridge had decided to go and visit his friend, the crow. The crow lived near a cornfield. “The two of us will have a very pleasant time eating the fresh new corn,” she thought. So off she went to visit the crow.

When the partridge was on her way, a rabbit came hopping by her house. The rabbit saw that the house was empty and decided to move in. Soon, he made himself very much at home. The partridge came back from her visit and found the rabbit staying in her house. “Who are you and what are you doing at my house?” asked the partridge. “What do you  mean by your house?” the rabbit asked angrily. The partridge got very angry and screamed, “This is my house! I have lived her all my life and you are an imposter!”

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Soon all the animals in the forest gathered. They had seen the partridge for several years and they all took her side. “This is the house of the partridge!” they all cried. Then, the rabbit said, “A house belongs to whoever that makes it their home! I have made this my home, so it is my house now!”

When the animals heard this, they were very confused. What the rabbit had said was correct too. Now, they didn’t know whom to support. They all stood wondering what to do. Finally, a wise old deer in the forest said, “The two of you should go and find an impartial judge to settle your dispute.” The partridge and the rabbit agreed and set out in search of an impartial judge.

Finally, after having walked several miles, they found a wild cat sitting on the banks of the river. They went up to him and asked him to judge their dispute. The wild cat agreed to do so and listened to the whole story. Then he said, “I am old and cannot see properly! Would you come a little closer, so that I can understand you better!” The two went closer. As soon as they did, the cat bounced on them and ate them up. If only the two had not trusted a stranger, they might have still been alive.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the best moral stories of panchatantra for kids, “Never Trust A Stranger“. See the video story below,

  Moral Stories Of Panchatantra Video