Puss In Boots Story

This is the Puss in Boots Story. There are three brothers. One day, the elder brothers let the youngest brother go away. The youngest takes a cat with him. The cat tells the youngest, “Master, I have a good idea! Lend me your boots and a sack.” The cat wears the boots. The cat runs to the forest. He catches a rabbit and he brings the rabbit to the King. “This is a present from the Marquis of Carabas.” The King is very happy.

Later, the King and the princess go on a picnic. The cat says, “Master, go into the stream.” Then the cat screams, “Help! A thief has stolen my master’s clothes!” The cat says to the King, “Someone stole my master’s clothes!” So the King gives the youngest nice clothes. Then the cat says, “Please come to the Marquis castle. Follow me!”

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puss in boots

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The cat runs into the golden wheat fields. The wheat fields belong to a Scary Ogre. The cat tells the farmers, “Tell the King these fields belong to the Marquis of Carabas. If you do this, I will get rid of the Scary Ogre.” Then the cat runs to the Scary Ogre’s castle. Later, the King asks the farmers, “Who owns these golden wheat fields?” They say, “Marquis of Carabas.”

At the Scary Ogre’s castle, the Scary Ogre catches the cat. Then he says, “How dare you to come to this castle?” The cat asks the Scary Ogre, “Can you change into a big lion?” “Ha Ha Ha! That is so easy!” Scary Ogre said. The Scary Ogre changes into a big lion. The cat says, “But you can’t change into a small mouse!”

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The Scary Ogre quickly changes into a little mouse. Guip! The cat eats the mouse and he released all the farmers from Scary Ogre as he said. “Welcome to the Marquis of Carabas castle!” says the cat. Later, the Marquis and the princess get married. The cat becomes the Knight of Carabas. And they all lived happily ever after.

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Puss In Boots Story Video