Ruth and Naomi Bible Story

This is the Ruth and Naomi Bible Story for kids. Long, long time ago, there was a famine in Israel. A man named Elimelech from Bethlehem went with his family to live in a country of Moab. His wife’s name was Naomi and they had two sons named Mahlon and Kilion. After a few years had passed, Elimelech died.

His sons married Moabite women named Orpah and Ruth. They were very happy in their married life. After ten years, Mahlon and Kilion died too. So, Naomi was left with her two daughters-in-law and no husband or sons. Some time later, Naomi heard that the god had blessed Israel. There were good crops again and the famine was over.

ruth and naomi bible story

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She decided that it was time to return to Bethlehem, her hometown. Before she was leaving, she told her daughters-in-law not to leave their land and stay back with their mothers. But both the women wanted to go with her to Bethlehem in Israel. Naomi tried to make them understand why they should stay back and not go with her. Finally, she could make Orpah understand and she decided to stay back. But Ruth refused to leave her.

Naomi said to her, “Your sister-in-law has decided to stay with her people and be loyal to her guard. You should also stay back with her.” But Naomi could see that Ruth had made up her mind to go with her. So, she said nothing more. They traveled together and finally reached Bethlehem. The people of Bethlehem were very happy to see them.

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