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Beaver And The Wolf – A Story With Morals

This is an amazing bedtime story with morals for kids online. Once upon a time, there was a beaver living in the forest named Furry. He had lots of friends and liked to play outside. One day a big wolf came and started saying, “This is

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Little Boy With A Slingshot

This is a great 5 min bedtime story for children. A long, long time ago, there lived a brother and a sister. In their summer holidays, Sammy and Marie visited their grandparents at their farm. Sammy took his slingshot to play in the woods. He

bedtime story for kids with moral

The Gift of Insults

This is a great bedtime story for kids with moral which has been adapted from the Zen Story. Once upon a time, in a village near Tokyo, lived an old samurai. This samurai had never lost a single battle in his life. Even in his

bedtime stories with morals

The Lazy Boy That Became A Cow

This is one of the best bedtime stories with morals for kids. Long, long ago, there lived a very lazy boy. Other people worked hard, but this boy only slept. One day, the mother scolded the boy and said, “Oh, you’re always sleeping. You have to work