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fables with morals and animals

The Rabbit And His Ears

This is one of the best fables with morals and animals. Once upon a time in a jungle, there lived a big and strong lion. He used to scare little animals and hunt them for his lunch and dinner. All the tiny, little animals were

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The Gnat And The Bull

This is one of the popular children’s fables for kids. Long, long time ago, there lived a wild bull in the forest. He used to do his daily chores which helped him to raise his family. A little gnat flew over a meadow. After flying around

best fables

The Horse And The Stag

This is one of the best fables for children. Long ago, there was a horse that lived in a large, green prairie. He lived there with no other animal to bother him. The horse had been living in this place for many, many years. One