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short fable stories about animals

The Pig And The Sheep

This is one of the short fable stories about animals for children to read. Once upon a time, there lived a shepherd with sheep. He used to take good care of his sheep. The sheep was also very happy to be with his master. Also,

aesop's fables stories with morals

The Well Of Truth

This is one of the great Aesop’s fables stories with morals for kids. Long ago, a goat, a rooster, and a donkey decided to try their luck at farming. “If we work together, we can grow anything,” said the goat. “What should we plant?” asked

fable story with moral

The Wild Boar And The Fox

This is an awesome fable story with moral for kids. Long, long ago, when hunting was passion among humans, a fox was returning home after failing to find a prey. He had been wandering about for the whole day. “I am sick and tired of