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love and time story

Love And Time Story

This is Love And Time Story for kids with a great moral. Long ago, on an island there lived all the feelings called Love, Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge, and all the others. You may also like to read, Father And His Intelligent Son. However, one day,

motivational stories for kids

Sid The Seed

This is one of the awesome motivational stories for kids. Sid is a tiny little seed who liked where he was and never wanted to leave his house. He was quiet, shy, and quite full of doubts. He was afraid of the unknown, so he

inspirational stories for teens

Zen Master Asks “Why Ride The Bicycle?”

This is one of the inspirational stories for teens which has been adapted from a Zen story. Once upon a time, a Zen master saw five of his students riding a bicycle. So he went to them and asked, “Why do you ride a bicycle?”