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panchatantra short stories in english

The Talking Cave

This is one of the best Panchatantra short stories in English for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a lion in a forest. Now the lion had grown old and weak. He hardly could find any decent food to eat. One day the lion

panchatantra english stories

The Clever Donkey

This is one of the amazing panchatantra english stories for little children. Once upon a time, on a hill lived a donkey. This donkey lived by himself. One day, the donkey went out to eat something. That day, the donkey thought it would be a

panchatantra moral stories

The Lion And The Camel

This is one of the best Panchatantra moral stories for children. Once upon a time in a jungle lived a lion. Now, this lion was the king of the jungle. He had three assistants, the crow, the jackal and the leopard. The lion and his