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inspirational stories for children

Shake Off All Your Problems

This is one of the most amazing inspirational stories for children. Once upon a time, there used to live a man. This man had many donkeys to help him with his business. Among them, there was an old donkey. Now, this old donkey had been

The Ant And The Dove

Here is one of the best short inspirational stories for kids. One hot day, an ant was walking near a river bank. The poor ant lost her balance and fell inside the water. “Ahh help me! help me!” the ant cried. She screamed for help. As

Two Friends And A Talking Tree

This is one of the best short inspirational stories to read for kids. Once in a village, there lived two friends. There names were Goody and Baddie. Goody was kind and gentle while Baddie was mean and told lies often. One day, the two friends