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arabian nights stories for kids

The Thief And His Monkey

This is one of the great Arabian Nights stories for kids. Once upon a time, in the great Arabian desert, there lived a certain merchant. The merchant had a pet monkey. Now, this merchant had never set a foot in the marketplace. Above all, he had

arabian night stories

The Fisherman And The Genie

This is one of the great Arabian Night stories for children.Once upon a time, a fisherman lived in a village. He had a small family of his wife and three children. He led his life with his earnings from fishing. One day, as he cast his

tales of the arabian nights

Sheherazade and Shahriar

This is the story through which the Tales Of The Arabian Nights started. A very long time ago, there was a large kingdom in Persia. The kingdom was so large that it was stretched all the way from Persia to China. It then crossed the borders