The Arab And The Camel

This is one of the best small moral stories for kids to read. One cold night in a desert, an Arab was sleeping in his tent. He had tied his camel outside. But as the night grew colder, the Arab could hear his camel sneezing outside. Then suddenly, while he slept peacefully he heard the camel’s voice.

When the Arab looked up, he found the camel’s head inside his tent. “Master,” the camel spoke, “I am cold. Please let me at least put my head inside your tent”. The Arab thought about it, and he decided to let the camel put his head inside the tent. “It is truly cold tonight,” he thought. “The poor camel will freeze if left outside”. Once the camel had become comfortable inside the tent, he slept. Also, read The Greatest Treasure.

small moral stories

small moral stories

Image Source–> But after a while, he awoke his master again. “Master,” he whispered in the Arab’s ear. The Arab looked at the camel and asked what did the camel want. “If I could just put my neck inside the tent, it would be great”. The Arab let his camel do so. Even the Arab agreed it was an undeniably cold night.

But the camel was not satisfied with this, he again called for his master. “Well,” he began, “it is extremely difficult for me to stand with my head hanging inside the tent like this. Can I put in my forelegs as well?” the camel asked. “It will only take only a little room,” the camel explained.

The Arab thought about it. “The camel does have a point. It must be uncomfortable”, he agreed with his camel. And so, he shifted and made some room for the camel. After a while, the camel spoke again. You may also like to read, The Fox And The Crane.

“My dear master”, he said, “as it is I am keeping the mouth of the tent open, could I stand within the tent? It would be more comfortable that way.” The Arab agreed. “Yes, yes, you can stand within the tent. I will have pity on you as well. It is a cold night after all.” And so the camel stood inside.

But it so turned out that the tent was too small for the both of them. So the camel spoke again, “Master,” he called out. “What is it?” the Arab had become irritated now. “Could you sleep outside? It is uncomfortable this way, and this tent cannot house both us!” And then the Arab lost his temper and threw his camel out. Shutting his tent’s mouth tightly, he slept peacefully after that. Also, read Hare And The Tortoise.


Here is a visual depiction of one of the amazing small moral stories, “The Arab And The Camel”. See the video story below,

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