The Camel And The Jackal

This is one of the short moral stories for children. Once upon a time, in a jungle, there lived a camel and a jackal together. They became good friends. Sometimes, they used to walk through the jungle in search of food. Also, read The Lion And The Camel.

One day, they saw ripe sugarcane fields on the other side of the river. They came with a plan to cross the river and enjoy the sugarcane. But, the jackal did not know how to swim. So, the jackal insisted the camel carry him on his back. The camel agreed at once. Soon, the camel carried his friend, jackal on his back and set off towards the river.

short moral stories for children

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Crossing the river, they entered the sugarcane fields and began to eat. They ate and ate and ate. Soon, the jackal was done with his food. He had a stomachful meal after a very long time. But, the camel was still eating.

All of a sudden, the jackal began to howl loudly. The camel asked him not to do so. He said, “Jackal, Don’t howl! It will lead to seeking the attention of the farmers.” But the jackal said that it was his habit to howl after meals. Very soon, all the farmers reached the spot with long sticks. The jackal ran for his life and hid behind the bushes and left the camel alone. The camel was held and badly beaten up by the farmers.

While going back, the jackal requested the camel to take him across the river. The camel agreed to do so since he wanted to take a revenge upon the jackal. He wanted to teach the jackal a lesson. In the middle of the river, the camel took a deliberate dip in the river. The jackal told him not to do so but the camel said, “It is my habit to do so after meals.” You may also like to read, The Blue Jackal.

As a result, the jackal slipped off the camel’s back and fell into the deep river. He had drowned away. Now, the jackal had to pay for his mischievousness.


Here is a short visual depiction of one of the short moral stories for children “The Camel And The Jackal. See the video story below,

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