The Crow And The Snake

This is one of the best panchatantra short stories for kids. Once upon a time, there lived a family of crows in an old banyan tree at the edge of a forest. They had lived there for ages and they were happy. However, their happiness was not to much last for longer. A long black snake came and made his home in a hole at the bottom of the tree. When the crows left their nest in search of food, the wicked snake crawled up the tree and ate up the eggs Mama Crow had laid.

When the crow returned, they were shocked to find their eggs missing. This happened quite a few times and then Mama Crow said, “Tomorrow, I will stay back and guard my eggs. You must bring some food back for me.” So, the next morning, Mama Crow stayed back.

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However, the snake still came up. Mama Crow screamed, “Shoo Shoo! Go away! Leave my eggs alone!” But the wicked snake paid no heed and gobbled up the precious eggs. When Papa Crow returned, he found his wife weeping bitterly. “What happened?” he asked. Mama Crow replied, “We must leave our beloved home. There’s a horrible snake who steals our eggs. Even today, he took all our eggs!”

The Papa Crow thought for a while and said, “We can’t leave our home. We must chase away the snake instead! Let’s go to Grandma Crow , she is wise and she will advice us.” So the crow flew to the nearby tree where Grandma Crow lived. They told their sorry tale and said, “Please Grandma, we need your help!” The Grandma Crow thought for a while and said, “I have a plan, but you must do exactly as I say for it to work.” Both the crows agreed.

The Grandma Crow told them, “Every morning the queen and her maids come to the nearby river to take bathe. They leave their jewelry on the bank in the care of some servants. You must steal a necklace and attract the attention of the servants so that they chase you.”

The next morning, Papa Crow carried out Grandma Crow’s plan. He stole the necklace and dropped it into the snake’s hole. When the servants tried taking the necklace, the snake was disturbed and came out. They were scared and beat the snake to death. And so, Mama Crow and papa Crow got rid of their wicked enemy and lived happily ever after.

Here is a short visual depiction of the best panchatantra short stories for kids “The Crow And The Snake“. See the video story below,

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