The Emperor’s New Clothes

This is the short fairytale of The Emperor’s New Clothes. There is an emperor who loves nice clothes. “I want the nicest clothes,” he says. The emperor looks for the best tailor. Everyone hears the news. Far away, two brothers hear it too. They are not tailors but they are good liars. “We have the best cloth,” they say excitedly. The brothers say every day at the front of the castle’s gate.

One day, finally, the emperor hears them. He wants to meet the brothers. “I want the nicest clothes,” says the emperor. “Our cloth is the best,” says the elder brother. “But foolish people can’t see it,” said the younger brother. The emperor says, “Make clothes for me!” He gives them a lot of money. “We tricked the emperor,” the brothers say.

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They pretend to make clothes. Later, someone goes to see the clothes. “You are not foolish, so you can see them, right?” “I can’t see the clothes,” he thinks. But he doesn’t want to look foolish. So he lies to the emperor. “Those are the nicest clothes,” the soldier says. “Your highness! The clothes are finished,” the brothers told the emperor.

The brothers pretend to carry the clothes. “Hmmm… I don’t see anything!” the emperor thinks to himself. But he doesn’t want to look foolish. The emperor says, “Wow, These clothes are really nice.” He puts on the invisible clothes. The people of his castle claps for him. The emperor wants to show his new clothes, so he has a parade. All the people from his kingdom comes to see him.

“Huh? He is naked!” All of them are in a deep shock. But no one says anything. One of the boys laughed from the crowd and says, “Ha! Ha! Ha! The emperor is naked.” And all the people start to laugh. The foolish emperor runs to his castle.

Here is a visual depiction of  “The Emperor’s New Clothes Story”. See the video story below,

     The Emperor’s New Clothes Story Video