The Fighting Fingers

This is one of the best moral stories for students. The world is full of arguments, big and small, quarrels scruples and all the caissons bound just to decide who is the biggest around. And so it happened one day with the five fingers of our hand. Together they came bragging and speaking to decide the most important of them all.

The middle finger said, “I am big, I am tall, I am the center of them all as four little guards you stand around the emperor of the hand!” The other fingers laughed and said, “You are just useless!” While all the fingers were laughing the ring finger told the pinky finger to keep out of it as it is the little finger. The little finger got angry and said, “Why should I stay away from this conversation! I may be little, but I am big! Tell me who comes the first when you are about to greet? You can make fun of me, but always remember I am Number 1.” Also read more amazing moral stories in english from here.

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The ring finger said, “Stop joking you little finger. Take a look at me! The people crown me with the ring and that’s the way they honor the king. I am beautiful and I am the best!” “Dear fellow fingers, none of you are useful as me. I direct, I teach, I point, I preach! Sorry my friends, don’t take it to your heart but tell me are you also sharp and smart?” the index finger said. The middle finger, the ring finger and the pinky finger answered, “Of course, we are! Even smarter than you! And definitely more useful too!”

Finally, after listening to all of them, the thumb said, “I think I am important too. In fact, even more than each one of you! Tell me fingers, if I, the thumb is not with you? Would you be able to write, or fly a kite? Would you be able to lift the weight, or eat the tasty date? Would you be able to wear a cap or open and close the tap? Whatever the work may be, you just cannot do without me!”

The thumb made all of them understand that each and every finger is important in its own way! If these five fingers are united, they all help each other. All the fingers started singing in joy, “Together we work, together we stand, united we live as the fingers in our hand!”


Here is a visual depiction of one of the best moral stories for students“The Fighting Fingers”. See the video story below,

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