The Firebird Story

This is one best short fairy tales for kids, “The Firebird Story“. There lives a prince who loves adventures. His name is Prince Ivan. He loves to explore forests and jungles. One day, Prince Ivan is walking in a dark forest. He sees strange statues. He is near the castle of a bad wizard! A firebird comes to the forest. Prince Ivan catches it. “Let me go!” says the firebird. “Help me when I need you! Give me a feather as a promise,” says Prince Ivan. The firebird gives him a feather. The firebird flies away.

Then, many beautiful girls come. “Who are you?” asks Prince Ivan. “We are prisoners of the bad wizard,” says one of the girls. “We can’t go far from his castle and can only come out at night,” says another girl. You may also like, The Nightingale Story.

the firebird story

The firebird story

Image Source –> In the morning, the girls leave. Prince Ivan wants to help them. He goes to the gate of the wizard’s castle. The bad wizard comes out. “I will turn you into a stone!” says the bad wizard. Prince Ivan takes out the firebird’s feather. “Help me!” says Prince Ivan. Immediately, the firebird appears.

“My magic is stronger than yours!” she says to the wizard. “I will make you dance.” The bad wizard dances, and dances and dances. He is very tired, so he goes to sleep. The firebird goes to Princess Ivan. “Find the biggest tree,” says the firebird. “Look in the tree. There is a big egg in it. Break the egg and that will kill the wizard.”

In a little while, Prince Ivan finds the egg. He breaks it! The wizard dies and his magic stops. The girls are free. The statues become men again. All of them thank Prince Ivan. Also, read The Very Vain Butterfly.

Here is a visual depiction of, “The Firebird Story”. See the video story below,

    The Firebird Story Video