The Fox And The Crow

The Fox And The Crow Poem has been taken from one of the famous stories from the great collection of Aesop Fables Tales. The history and the origins of this poem are still unknown.  The great poet behind this poem is called Paul King. He has put the whole story in the form of poetry greatly.

This poem contains a great moral lesson for every reader, that is, “NEVER TRUST A FLATTERER COMING FROM OTHERS!” Recite, learn and sing along! Here you go! You may also like to read, The Pine Tree And The Reed.

The Fox And The Crow

the fox and the crow

the fox and the crow

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A coal-black crow sits in a tree,
A morsel of cheese in his beak has he.
A fox slinks by as sly as you please,
And cunningly plots how to get the cheese.

“Oh how I admire your feathers so spry,
The sheen of your tail and the glint of your eye,
The elegant curve of your beak sharp and long
But would I could hear your sweet voice raised in song!”

At this the crow’s flattered and quite taken in;
To impress the fox further he will now begin.
He throws back his head, and rasping and raw,
He utters a raucous, cacophonous “Caw!”

With beak, all agape, the cheese tumbles out,
The fox snaps it up in his long pointed snout.
“Sing, Crow, your vanity, long as you please.
You keep your song, and I’ll have the cheese!”


A black crow was sitting on a tree with a piece of cheese in its beak. A fox was passing by under the same tree and saw a piece of cheese in the crow’s beak. She made an evil plan to grab that cheese from the crow. The sly fox started to praise the crow’s beauty. It admired crow’s feathers, tail, eyes and beak. The fox said, “Oh, crow! Your voice is so beautiful! Can you sing a song for me?” Also, read The Lion And The Mouse.

On hearing this, the crow was flattered and it did not want to lose the chance of more praises. So, he began to sing, “Caw! Caw! Caw!” When the foolish crow opened its mouth to sing, the piece of cheese fell towards the fox. The clever fox grabbed the piece of cheese and said, “You keep your song, and I’ll have the cheese!”