The Fox And The Partridge

This is one of the awesome animal stories for toddlers. “I’m hungry,” said a greedy little fox, licking his lips. “I hope I can get something really big today.” Saying this, he trotted off to the woods to find himself a nice, big supper.

Soon, he saw a fat partridge sitting on top of a bush. He did not want to frighten her away. So he sat down beside the bush and spoke softly to her. “What a beautiful bird you are! Your feathers are glowing in the Sun. I have never seen a bird more beautiful than you!” Also, read The Fox And The Goat Story.

animal stories for toddlers

animal stories for toddlers

Image Source@ The partridge was pleased to hear this. She began to preen her feathers in the Sun. “How Beautiful!” the fox said. “Look at the purple, the blue, and the green feathers. Wow! I wish I can see you when you sleep. I think you will look even more beautiful when you are sleeping!”

The partridge closed her eyes at once. The fox pounced at her and he had her in her jaws. “Oh!” the partridge said in a thin voice. “Mr. Fox, Please, tell me one more time how beautiful I am! Tell me once more how my feathers glow in the Sun. Then kill me for your supper!”

The fox spoke, “You are …” The partridge flew away as the fox opened his mouth to speak. She perched herself on the highest branch of a guava tree. The fox looked up at her. “Now why did I open my mouth?” he asked himself angrily. “And why did I shut my eyes?” the partridge asked herself.

The hungry little fox went on his way further into the woods, looking for his supper! You may also like to read, The Fox And The Crane.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the animal stories for toddlers “The Fox And The Partridge”. See the video story below,

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