The Gift Of Christmas

This is one of the best Christmas Bedtime Stories for kids. It was Christmas Eve. Della was looking for a special gift for her husband, Jim. “I think this would be perfect for Jim’s watch,” Della thought to herself. Jim had a very nice gold watch, but the strap was quite old. Della knew and felt bad that Jim was so self-conscious about his watch strap. “This would make Jim’s watch look great,” she added.

Unfortunately, she did not have enough money to buy a gift for him. At that very moment, Della saw herself and her long, beautiful hair in the window. Suddenly, she had a plan. She went to the hair salon and decided to sell her beautiful, long hair. “Now, I have money to buy Jim’s gift,” Della said happily. Although Della missed her long, beautiful hair, she was more excited about the gift she was going to give Jim. You may also like, A Christmas Carol.

christmas bedtime stories

christmas bedtime stories

At home, Jim was eagerly waiting for Della with a present in his hand. “I’m sure, Della is going to love this!” Jim thought to himself. Suddenly, there was a noise of footsteps at the door. It was Della. They greeted each other. Then Della said, “You’re going to be really surprised when you’ll see what I got for you,” said Della.

“I bet you’re going to be more surprised. But Della, why are you wearing a scarf on your head?” asked Jim. Jim was surprised to see Della like this. Della told him, “I really wanted to get you this for Christmas!” “Oh Della, you cut off your hair to give me a gift,” asked Jim. Della asked if he was disappointed with her short hair. Jim told Della that no matter how short or long her hair was, he would always love her for his life. Also, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Story.

“Well, open this first and then you’ll know why I was a bit surprised,” said Jim. Inside the box was a beautiful hair pin with stunning jewels. Della always wanted this hair pin. However, she thought it to be too expensive. “Oh my goodness! Thank you, Jim. I’ll grow my hair again,” she cried.

Della wanted to attach the golden straps on Jim’s watch but Jim was not having the watch on his hand. “Why don’t we put away our gifts?” Jim said. Actually, Jim sold his watch to buy a hair pin for her wife. “Oh Jim, this is such a special Christmas, don’t you agree?” she asked. The love and care that Jim and Della had shown each other made Christmas even more special. They hugged each other and lived happily ever after.

Here is a visual depiction of one of the best Christmas Bedtime Stories for kids, “The Gift Of Christmas”. See the video story below,

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