The Green Horse

This is one of the Akbar Birbal funny stories for kids. One day, Akbar was riding a horse in a garden. Birbal was also with him. There was greenery all around. Akbar was happy to see the surroundings. He said to himself, “What a pleasure it will be to ride a green horse in a garden like this.”

Immediately, Akbar ordered Birbal, “You must get me a green horse within seven days. If you fail to get it, then don’t show me your face ever again!” “A green horse? There can’t be a green horse,” Birbal thought to himself. Both of them knew this but Akbar just wanted to test Birbal’s wisdom. Also, read A Never Ending Story.

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Birbal spent seven days looking for such a horse. On the eighth day, Birbal presented himself before Akbar. He said, “Your Highness, I have found a green horse.” Akbar was surprised and he asked, “Where is that horse? You must present it to me right away!”

To this, Birbal said, “Your Highness, it is difficult to bring it here. The owner of that horse has put two conditions.” Akbar asked, “What are those two conditions?” “Your Highness, according to the first condition, you yourself have to go to get the horse.” Akbar agreed and said, “Oh, that’s very simple! I will go there to get the horse. What’s the second condition?”

“Since the horse is so special, you will have to go to bring it on a special day. The owner insists that you must bring it on the day other than the seven days of the week,” Birbal said. Akbar did not say a word. He looked at Birbal’s face and said, “Your Highness, if you desire to have a green horse, you will have to fulfill these two conditions!”

Akbar was pleased. He was happy with Birbal’s wisdom. Akbar realised that it was not possible to fool Birbal. You may also like to read, The Intelligent Merchant.

Here is a short visual depiction of one of the Akbar Birbal funny stories “The Green Horse”. See the video story below,

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