The Hairy Toe Childrens Story

This is the hairy toe childrens story. It has been adapted from the works of S.E. Schlosser. Once upon a time, in a village near the woods lived an old woman. The old woman lived all by herself in a small hut. Each day, she went to the woods to collect all kinds of edible roots and fruits for dinner. One day, when she went to the woods, as usual, she found something sticking out through the leaves. She became curious about it, so she dug up the ground around it. After digging up the ground she found, a big hairy toe. You may also like to read, Bloody Fingers.

“Strange,” she spoke aloud. After thinking a lot, the woman decided to bring the hairy toe home. It had good meat on it, after all. That night the old lady prepared a delicious stew. It was the best dinner she had had. After that, the old lady went upstairs to sleep.

the hairy toe childrens story

the hairy toe childrens story

Image Source–> The old lady fell asleep as soon as she went to bed. But later, the same night, a strong wind started blowing. It made the trees swing dangerously. And made all the creatures shiver in cold. The moon soon was covered by dark, dark clouds. And through this cold, windy, dark night came a sound, a scary hollow sound. “Hairy Toe! Hairy Toe! I want my Hairy Toe,” it howled along with the wind.

The old woman turned in her bed, shivering. Soon, a stomping sound echoed through the woods. The wind had picked up and made the old woman’s hut creak excessively. Stomp, stomp, stomp! The old woman heard the sound getting closer with every passing minute. “Hairy Toe! I want my hairy toe,” echoed. The old woman’s eyes snapped open when the voice came from her garden. She was extremely scared, she shook with fright. Without any delay, she jumped out of her bed and locked the door and secured all the windows. After locking up, she quickly jumped back into her bed.

The old woman whispered, “I am surely safe now!” Obviously, she was wrong. No sooner had she jumped into her bed than the door of her hut burst open. Now, the woman knew she was in trouble. The old woman could hear footsteps approaching. Big feet stomped on the stairs of her hut, scaring her. “I want my hairy toe,” she heard.

Eventually, the bedroom door burst open, a large figure stood in her doorway. “I ate your hairy toe!” the old woman screamed. “Yes you did,” the massive figure replied, as he entered the room. That was the last anyone ever saw the old woman. The only evidence the massive figure left behind was a footprint in the old woman’s garden. The footprint was missing the big toe. Also, read The Canterville Ghost.

Here is a visual depiction of, “The Hairy Toe Childrens Story”. See the video story below,

The Hairy Toe Childrens Story Video